Flavourings for pharmaceuticals Flavourings for pharmaceuticals

Flavourings for pharmaceuticals

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Production of infusions and flavourings
Produzione di infusi e aromi

The development and distribution of certain medicines require the product to be suitably “pleasant”.

This led G. Mariani & C. to experiment and then to produce, using the best state-of-the-art technology, new flavourings specifically for the pharmaceutical sector.

Flavourings for pharmaceuticals

Recently, our company has endeavoured to create flavourings intended for the pharmaceutical industry: a new challenge for us that has been embraced by all.

Thanks to in-depth study and new equipment, G. Mariani & C now creates powdered flavourings, liquid flavourings and aromatic extracts from medicinal plants, for supplements, syrups, tablets and medicines.

Moderne tecnologie di estrazione e concentrazione.

Production of flavourings for pharmaceuticals

Powdered flavourings Liquid flavourings
Aromatic extracts from medicinal plants

Every department is suitably equipped for each specific type of product.


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