Concentrated juices and purées Concentrated juices and purées

Concentrated juices and purées

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Production of infusions and flavourings
Produzione di infusi e aromi

G. Mariani & C. is also distinguished by the processing and distribution of concentrated fruit juices which are blended, pasteurised, flavoured and then packaged and preserved in cold stores while awaiting dispatch to the market.

In particular, citrus juices are produced in facilities in Southern Italy (Sicily and Calabria), while berry and tropical juices are purchased directly from the countries of origin.

But that's not all: we are at customers’ disposal for any specific requests and custom formulations.

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Concentrated juices

At G. Mariani & C. we transform the fruit we source into semi-processed products without adding any preservatives.  The quality is recognisable from the taste.

Aseptically Packaged, Clear Concentrated Juices

G. Mariani & C. can supply concentrated fruit juices in a bag-in-box.  
Our products are aseptically packaged, a process that allows food products to keep their flavour and remain free of microbiological contaminants that can be damaging, to people or the product itself, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.   

Fruit Purées

Fruit purées are acquired directly from producers that harvest the best fruit, at the right stage of ripening, without the addition of preservatives.


Every department is suitably equipped for each specific type of product.


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