Flavourings for food Flavourings for food

Flavourings for food

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Production of infusions and flavourings
Produzione di infusi e aromi

The popularity of packaged convenience food on the market prompted our research and development department to develop new formulations and test flavourings that are ideal for enhancing the taste of these products.

Flavourings for this particular sector are formulated to be easily adaptable to different types of food products: they are therefore in fat-soluble, water-soluble and salt- or maltodextrin-bound form.

Flavourings for food

For the food industry, G. Mariani & C. has developed high-quality, easy-to-use flavourings suitable for every type of product:

flavourings for savoury foods; lipid-soluble flavourings and extracts for oils; water-soluble flavourings for vegetables, sauces and vinegars; in addition to concentrates of vegetables and spices for sauces or ready meals.

Moderne tecnologie di estrazione e concentrazione.

Production of flavourings for food

Water-soluble flavourings and extracts for sauces, vinegars, and vegetables Lipid-soluble flavourings and extracts for oils
Water-soluble fruit flavourings for vegetables, sauces and vinegars Flavourings for gastronomy
Concentrates of vegetables and spices for sauces and ready meals

Every department is suitably equipped for each specific type of product.


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